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QR-7550 Time Recorder + software

QR-7550 Time Recorder + software
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1+ pcs:541.00€
Manufacturer: Seiko Precision
Catalogue number: QR-7550
QR-7550 Time Recorder, 6 columns, (3 x IN / OUT) per day, 2 color (black / red) printing, heavy duty and long life printing mechanism with state-of-the-art 9 needle dot matrix print head, reliable long-life technology with ease of use and peace of mind.
Additionally the QR-7550 has the advantage that all punch data (IN / OUT time) printed on the time cards is also allocated and saved to the clocks flash memory, for a maximum of 200 employees (standard = 100 employees), at 6 clockings per day each and for up to 63 days. This data can be read out at any time via a standard USB stick. The data access is encoded and lock / password protected. The data can then be imported to the PC for further analysis. As a standard the QR-7550 is shipped without any software for processing the punch data on the PC. Please check with your local SEIKO PRECISION distributor on software packages that he can offer for processing the punch data on the PC. The QR-7550 can also accept the upload of setting data that has been created on the PC.
This function is also lock / key and password protected and requires a software package that will support creating the setting file for the upload. Please note: certain settings can only be changed via the PC programs. Please check with your local SEIKO PRECISION distributor on software packages that he can offer for creating the setting data on the PC and uploading to the QR-7550. The QR-7550 itself is a non calculating (calculation function is provided by a PC software that is NOT included as a standard) time recorder with 6 column printing (3x IN / OUT) per day, over night / nightshift function, printing is in black only, core time violations will be marked electronically and printed with a special mark. Heavy duty and long life printing mechanism with state-of-the-art 9 needle dot matrix print head, reliable long-life technology.

Key features:

- Backlit LCD Display for Time, Date, Weekday
- Active printing column is indicated by backlit button
- Individual parameter programming for different functions and schedules via PC
- Motorized auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards
- Automatic IN/OUT printing column shift with barcoded timecard
- Automatic differentiation of timecard front / back
- USB stick interface* for transferring the data to / from the PC
- 3 selectable pay periods : monthly, weekly or bi-weekly
- Regular minutes, (1/60) or 1/100 of the hour
- Automatic daylight saving time adjustment (D.S.T.) if desired
- Built in memory backup-battery
- Contact for external signal (requires optional relay)
- cabinet with lock and key plus password protected settings

* due to the vast selection of USB sticks we cannot guarantee that a particular USB stick might work with the QR-7550. Especially USB sticks that contain a security, data compression or othwer type of software function might not work. In general it can be set that USB sticks without such software and with a capacity of 256 – 512 KB seem to work best and the fastest. However, even USB sticks of 4 GB have been found to work, but cause the data transfer process to be rather time consuming.

Built in memory backup battery to keep all settings even trough power failures..
Option: Additional battery backup for punching / printing even during power failures.
Fully charged the battery allows for max. 100 punches within 24 hrs without power.

Functions and programming:

6 different print formats with different settings for:
Date and 12/24 hours
Weekday and 12/24 hours
Large character printing
12 hour format (AM/PM)
Date and 12/24 hours
Weekday 12/24 hours

48 different program settings for automatic column selection, spezial mark printing for core time violations.
Special printing mark if using the „overnight“ resp. Nightshift key. Using this function if clocked in the evening before the out punch can be made the next morning in the previous day line.
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